Lavelle Dining Set

Oval Leg Dining Table:
78.50″W X 42.00″D X 31.00″H
Side Chair:
23.00″W X 27.00″D X 43.50″H
Arm Chair:
24.25″W X 27.00″D X 43.50″H
China & Buffet:
64.00″W X 19.50″D X 88.00″H
Sideboard & Mirror:
65.00″W X 19.50″D X 41.50″H
51.50″W X 1.50″D X 43.50″H
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Imagine yourself in the grandeur and splendor of the Lavelle Collection that brings the influence of Regal French to life with traditional Old World carvings,scallop shaped pieces and an antique finish. Lavelle Collection Dining Set features, Oval Leg Dining table 78.50″ extends to 102.50″ with one 24″ leaf and upholster chairs.Palatial Oval Dining table is also available. Lavelle Collection finishes in Blanc.